Tuesday, December 30, 2008


1st and 3rd FRIDAY
of each month
Come out to DALVA
(16th and Valenica)

bring you music that you will more than likely enjoy

SOUL, ROCK, 80'S, HIP-HOP.... all that stuff...

Sunday, December 28, 2008


That's fine. I just felt the need to defend myself and my gift when I got booed. Because that's was simply unacceptable for a gift of that caliber.


The following three posts are in reference to each other. To understand the matter please scroll down to the post titled "Holifayes" and then go up.


To further clear up the matter...
Patrick's gifts were both traded 3 times. Rachel opened the cyanotype kit, Mathew stole it, Federico stole it from Mathew and Rachel stole it back.
To be honest, it is a pretty awesome gift.


Dear Blog,
Just to clear things up:
I, Nina, ALSO brought shark teeth, a red light bulb, a COLLECTIBLE star wars pez dispenser, and an ENTIRE sterile nurse's outfit. Not JUST movies. PLUS, there were 2 of them, they were VHS (which they no longer make), and they were "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" and "Robin Hood", the Disney animated version- 2 AWESOME movies. So don't listen to Patrick, he's only jealous because he didn't have the creativity to come up with anything better than an Aquarius gift card and a sunlight printing kit. Apparently it also got to him that MY gift was in higher demand than his, because it was traded the maximum 3 times, while only his Aquarius gift card was traded that often.
I welcome your rebuttal.
NINA G.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dear Fayes Blog,
So the space baby's birthday came and went. Phew. Things have been going sorta slow lately. It's not raining as much as I thought it might this season.
The Fayes Holiday party was a blast! We ate/drank all night and played "celebrity." Nina brought movies to the gift exchange. Booooooooooooo.
Lot of good movies coming out lately. Last night I saw

Synecdoche, New York!!!

Super good. I'm still reeling.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Need a Gift?
Want something to stuff in a stocking?
Have a movie lover in your life?
Why not give a gift that gives for a little while....
A Fayes Video Gift Certificate!
3 levels available!
5 rentals, 1o rentals, and the best deal... 20 rentals!
We have cute and cuddly looking gift certificates that will melt anyones heart.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


So for those of you who don't know Matthew is one half of Fayes Video. For the past six plus years he has been the numbers machine behind the store. Inventory, charts and graphs, and responsible for that "crazy" handwriting on the sandwich board. He is a  native Californian and graduated from Hollister High in 1989.  

fayes / matthew

In high school what activities did you participate in? and did you receive and awards or high achievements in these activities?   I was a nerd/skater the first couple of years, then got more involved in stuff the last couple of years... man, there are so many things to get involved with in H. S., just attend a meeting and you are in.  For the record, this is what I decided to list in my "Senior Bio" : Varsity Tennis, Senior Class Treasurer, Tennis Club, F.E.C., Ski Club, Rally Club, Prom Committee, C. S. F., Winter Ball Committee, Float Committee, Honor Roll, Journalism, Photo Staff, T.H.B., Homecoming Escort, Granada Employee. I Can't decide which committee is more silly to have listed, "Float" or "Winter Ball"?

Currently, what are your hobbies?  I am crazy about horse racing. Been following  it, fairly seriously for the last 5 years. I try to make it to the track at least once a week. I enjoy the analysis/math angel as well as the sport/horses element. It's perfect for me, the way my mind works. I would really love to work with horses in the near future.

Do you have a favorite musician or band?  Here is a hodgepodge: The Clash, The Wedding Present, The Faith Healers, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, Prince,  and The Temptations.

How old were you when you got your ear pierced and did you do it for any special reason?  Reason? Um, maybe just small town rebellion. I got 3 holes in one ear when I was 18, and then a few months later I got the other ear pierced twice. I got one earring knocked out at a MINISTRY concert a few years later and just let it close up, more balanced. I totally forget my ears are pierced. Thanks for the heads up, I should clean them... soon. I used to wear an Ankh in one ear... NICE!

What movie would you say best describes your high school experience? Now? And who would play you in the movie about your life?  Somewhere between "Better Off Dead" and "Weird Science". It's funny though, I really liked the friendship/sweetness in "Superbad", so maybe I wanted my HS experience to be like  "Better Off Dead" and/or "Weird Science", but now that I am older "Superbad" kinda made a lot of sense to me and I "understood" those characters. I guess more realistic than a dancing hamburger or making a Kelly Lebrock out of porno mags.
A movie now? I always saw my future being like "Paris, Texas" , but currently... geez, I am not a "in the present" kinda guy... um, I will say "2001: a Space Odyssey". Who is gonna play me? I like that guy Jeremy Sisto, he is a detective on the current Law & Order... and he was born a day after me... so... but I am still older then him.

What is your morning coffee ritual?  I get up, pee (wait... yeah that's part of it) and I think I wish I could make coffee while I was peeing... save some time... get Fayes beans, filter, water... all that jazz, and hit the GO MAKE IT NOW button... turn on KCSM... turn on the computer... brush teeth... not wait til the pot is done... pour it into my Bay Meadows mug (it has horses on it)... get a cigarette... go into the bathroom... stand in the tub... and smoke out the window and drink the coffee. I usually only drink like 4 or 5 ounces of coffee a day. I'm crazy.

While in High School  what crowd did you belong to?  Like I was saying, I was a nerd for a while... I played some D&D and Car Wars (anyone? Bumper Spikes?)... was threatened a lot with possible "ass kickings"  and "let's meet at Park Hill". I had a solid crew though, we'd skateboard, deliver newspapers, listen to Run DMC, Ramones 'n stuff... find a can of beer every now and then. Good times. My junior year was transitional... I had these really rad plaid pants and my friends started to drive... got hooked up with all those "float" committees and stuff. Then maybe I got kind of "mod"my senior year... I wore cardigan like sweaters, had pegged pants (safety pins), and some Creepers... owned a belt. I did get Best Dressed for my class that year. Rayon was popular in the late 80's. I guess overall I felt like I was friends with a lot of different crowds, and I never ended up at Park Hill.

What was the scariest moment of your life?  In 1996, on my way to Chico to see some friend's bands (Thinking Fellers, PEE, and Death Star) I was by myself, 7pm or so, traveling on a 2 lane road and was "stuck" behind some cars. I waited for oncoming traffic to subside and decided to pass. During my acceleration, my math was off and I was quickly closing the gap between me and oncoming traffic. During this procedure, my slot in my original lane had been taken over with a slew of cars and there was no space for me to slide back over. I had now entered in to a game of chicken at 80MPH, there were honks, both from me and other cars, but no one was letting me over. My best plan at the moment was to ditch the car into the left hand side of the road to avoid taking out anyone with me. About half of my life had flashed before my eyes when out of nowhere a pickup truck had appeared behind me, forced his way into the onslaught of traffic in my lane, hit his breaks and opened a space for me. After I was "safe" in my lane, I looked at myself in the rearview mirror and noticed I was as white as a ghost. I was white the whole weekend. Oh, and there was this time I got bit by something, which may or may no have been a brown recluse spider. That also happened in Chico.

During your year of watching a movie everyday, did you have a favorite? How long after did it take for you to see another movie?   366 movies that year, 2004 was a leap year. I don't think  have seen as many movies in the last 4 years as i did that year. I go to the movies (sadly) maybe 4 or 5 times a year, and maybe rent something a couple times a month. Ridiculous, I know. Here is a list of 10 of my favorite movies I saw that "famous" year (barring old favorites of course) in no particular order: The Fog of War, Fail Safe, Testament of Dr. Mabuse, 3 Women, Home Movie, The Assassination of Richard Nixon, Pitch Black, Blind Shaft, Deathtrap, Shadows. I have a book (I kept track of course).

What is your favorite Fayes Story?  Oh sooooo many over the years. But maybe the time a customer called and had gotten a VHS tape stuck in her VCR and needed help. So i went over to her house, and wait for it...  she opened the in a bath robe. I used a butter knife and got the tape out. I think the film was "The Killing Fields". she reminded me of  Dixie Carter of "Designing women" fame.
Hey Mike, thanks for the interview and letting me ramble on... you sir, are the James Lipton of the blogging world...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

All your favorite songs

EVERY Sunday until Jan!!!

Then every 1ST Sunday until...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Reaves Gallery Art Show

Come check out the benefit show at the Reaves Gallery in Hayes Valley. Your very own Mike McConnell has made some small works for the holiday (affordable)  and some of the proceeds will go to Toys for Tots. More info at : www.reavesgallery.com