Monday, December 27, 2010


THE AMERICAN (Political thriller with George W. Clooney)     
RESIDENT EVIL: AFERLIFE ( the 4th one with Mila….)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Hello all you Fayezers,

We have some holiday hours coming at you! We will be open this Friday Christmas eve 7am until 8pm and we will be closed all day Saturday.  So that means if your movie is due on Saturday you get to keep it until Sunday by 7pm... isn't that just jolly good??? I think so!

Monday, December 20, 2010


CAPRICA SEASON 1.5 (battlestar spin off cylons galore SCI-FY)
DEVIL (M Night Shyamlan's latest flick....)
 STEP UP 3-D (Stepped all the way up)
SALT (Angelina Jolie action stuff)
EASY A (Teen comedy ala The Scarlett Letter)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2011 is just around the corner

So in order to make sure you get to that doctor's appointment on time, remember your grannies birthday or to know when your favorite barista or director is getting older... GET A 2011 Fayes Calendar...

Monday, December 13, 2010











24: SEASON 8

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rental recomendation

We recently got this great collection in from Criterion, The Golden Age of Television.

SYNOPSIS: The hugely popular live American television plays of the 1950s have become the stuff of legend. Combining elements of theater, radio, and filmmaking, they were produced at a moment when TV technology was growing more mobile and art was being made accessible to a newly suburban postwar demographic. These astonishingly choreographed, brilliantly acted, and socially progressive “teleplays” constituted an artistic high for the medium, bringing Broadway-quality drama to all of America. The award-winning programs included in this box set—originally curated for PBS in the early 1980s as the series The Golden Age of Television, featuring recollections from key cast and crew members—were conceived by such up-and-comers as Rod Serling and John Frankenheimer and star the likes of Paul Newman, Mickey Rooney, Rod Steiger, Julie Harris, and Piper Laurie.

Here is a great article written by Rod Serling about writing for television.

Monday, December 6, 2010

New Releases 12/07/101


Shrek Forever

Patrick, Age 1.5

Sunday, December 5, 2010


I am so excited to rent so many movies tonight to people! They all come out in the pouring rain and get the movies and then the rain stops but that are still bundled up at home all cozy!


Monday, November 29, 2010


VAMPIRES SUCK (spoofy comedy)
KNIGHT AND DAY (Tom Cruise/ Cameron Diaz)
PARK AND RECREATION SEASON 2 (Tee-Vee series with Amy Poehler)

The Fayes Horror film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Can you BELIEVE we are open on Thanksgiving day?!
Thanks to Mike and Matthew, we will be open from 8am to 1pm for all your coffee and film needs!

Monday, November 22, 2010


COUNTDOWN TO ZERO (Docu on the story of Atomic Bomb. Perfect Stocking stuffer for X-mas)
EAT PRAY LOVE (Julia Roberts stars in movie based on best selling book)
THE EXPENDABLES (all star action-cast.. In all star-action flick)
I'M STILL HERE (The Joaquin Phoenix story….more or less)
THE WINNING SEASON (Sam Rockwell stars…girls basketball… drama)

WE now carry the TeeVee Series... NURSE JACKIE (Edie Falco)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Pick 12- Giving Thanks (thank god it's friday!)

So the end of the year is rapidly upon us. I can't believe that next week is already Thanksgiving (and yes once again Matthew and I will be open for coffee on turkey day morning until 1pm- our way of thanking you), where did the year go?

This week the Pick 12 celebrates "giving thanks" and all things TGIF. Enjoy the clip below and come and rent some movies this rainy weekend.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Admins

We're adding a few friends to the mix here at the Fayesnet. So far it's been mostly Mike, Nina and I monitoring this ol blog, but now I'd like to introduce to you: Rachel AKA Ray-Ray, Katie M, Alfo K, Matthew Troy and everybody's favorite Miss Molly Blume!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

How Ray-Ray got her groove back

Our very own Rachel Moore has a blog. Check it out: (here)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Off to save the day


Saturday, October 16, 2010


I had my wisdom teeth taken out on Thursday.
Not only do I have a superhero jaw like this:

but my insurance didn't cover it so I also look like this


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stop the Commercialization Clarification

Hello Fayes patrons. I wanted to take this opportunity to clear up any issues around the wording of the petition we had at the store. I want you to know that it was penned by Chicken John and approved by a collective of neighborhood people, myself included.  In hindsight I understand why the wording could be seen in an awkward tone and why people were against signing. I apologize if any one felt mislead, but it was more a feeling of we had 5 days and we needed to get your attention. Many people still are unaware of the situation happening at the park. After last Thursdays hearing, Rec and Park are still moving forward with the idea of having two 8' x 12' food trailers, powered by generators in the park. Tomorrow night at 8:30 people are meeting at Dolores Park Cafe to express their views, wether it be for or against this idea. A list of commissioners, local merchants, neighbors, supervisors, and even James Freeman (the majority share holder of Blue Bottle) himself have been invited. There was a string of emails that transpired and I had not been getting much sleep the past weeks and I composed the following email. I hoe it helps in clarifying my point of view as I feel the local blogs are not reporting everything. I thank you in advanced for reading.
As ever, Mike. (co-owner of Fyaes)

10/9/10 4:22 am

Its 3am the night before open studios and I should be getting some sleep but somehow my mind will not stop as this issue with commerce in the park has been on my mind consistently for weeks. So excuse me if this seems to ramble, but I hope you continue to read,
 After having an email exchange with one of the commissioners (and I will say she alone has returned some faith in the political system and I want to thank her for so willingly converse with me) I realized that one of the main problems in this situation is all the grey areas and how one chooses to define something like the words public, national, and local. It also is grey because there is the issue of trying to define “what is commerce in the park?” and if you can define would you want it there? Then there is also the grey area of communication, was enough done to notify about the original RFP and once that RFP was out was the proper channels of communication carried out.

I want to call to the attention the idea that Blue Bottle was referred to as a National Chain. First most I personally would like to apologize for using the word chain as that would apply a series and in the case of NY currently there is only one location, but I will still stand by that they are a national company. Whether it is their own flag ship stores and operation or a wholesale accounts I hope we all can agree that they have a larger then just the Bay Area presence. And I also hope that with all due respect to Mr. Freeman he can understand that once one reads “Kohlberg Ventures invested with James to expand this model to new cities” and the SF and NY ones have been established that they would assume there is intent to continue to grow even larger. Similar to our once local Peet’s Coffee and Odwalla, who is now owned by Coca-Cola, Inc.

I would also like to say that Mr. Freeman should not be faulted by his success to run a great business but at the same time I don’t think someone like myself who has chosen to remain small, local and independent should be faulted as well. We all make choices in our lives and I can only speak for myself, and I have chosen to have a business that allows me enough free time to concentrate on my passion for creating art.

Though Mr. Freeman’s success may come into question in one of those grey areas of does it makes a good fit for a public park? I think the slippery slope you could run into is by setting a precedent of what is a viable business for the Rec and Pak program. Fortunately Blue Bottle was able to afford the $25,000 trailer equipped with a $15,000 espresso machine (I admit that amount is hear say but know that espresso machines can be that much or higher), but will every vendor be able to?  Is it fair to alienate the original small vendors with pushcarts from obtaining such permits? For some of them $1000 a month is an enormous amount and could not afford this. Yet they are the ones responsible for creating this trend of food cart culture we all so love. With the current permits in place these small pushcarts are then in jeopardy of being reported if they try to sell in the parks. (On a side note: again I can only speak for myself but the question of those vendors who already sell in the park came up as examples of commerce and I think it was a valid point, But I also think it is valid to point out that they do not have a daily dawn to dusk presence, nor do they operate on generators. And if there was an easy permitting process maybe there would be also an easy way to have them contribute to the Rec and Park?) It seems that with Bevan Duffy trying to create a policy to make it more accessible for these small vendors to obtain permits and operate that this Rec and Park program is premature and may cause complications in that process and with future applicants to the Rec and Parks RFP.

Speaking of that RFP that brings us to another grey area. It was stated that this RFP was well known and well publicized, that it was sent out to 1000 possible candidates who may have interest. My question is if this is to be true, why is there a resounding, “I’ve never heard of this” and why did only 18 people of those1000 notified apply? Also what were the criteria to be notified? I don’t think any other coffee house in the Mission Area knew about this opportunity at all. I would also like to point out here it is this very thing that may have sparked the accusation that James Freeman and Phil Ginsburg have an already established personal relationship. I think that issue at some point should be addressed and clarified, as that may be a conflict of interest.

In this RFP it states, Before entering into permit agreement for the operation of a pushcart in any neighborhood park, the Department will conduct a community outreach process to determine the appropriateness of such a use in the park.”
It also states that the cart will be 200 ft from a bathroom facility for health code reasons and the vendors will be responsible for trash in a 150 ft (not 100) radius. So the one thing it seems that there is no grey area on is that Rec and Park did not conduct the proper amount, if any, community outreach and therefore I do not think should be honoring these permits. They said they were fully revokeable, they should be revoked and the process should be started over and conducted fairly with the proper outreach. Unfortunately Blue Bottle and La Cocina got caught up in the middle of a mess that could have been avoided, and hopefully temporary alternative urban/downtown (like the Portland model Nick Kinsey proposed) locations can be made so they can begin making revenue.

Thank you in advance for reading this… its now past 4am and I should say good night.

Michael McConnell (co-owner Fayes Video and Espresso Bar)

I also want to point out in my opinion this all seems counter intuitive towards the Mayors plan of making more public spaces. These pop up places in urban areas are great, but taking already green public space and privatizing it seems unnecessary.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

N.I.N.Y. -- Year 2 has begun.

Hello, San Francisco.

I haven't posted in a while owing to the fact that school has started, I've resettled in Brooklyn, and I've been working at a new job. There's a lot going on. But I felt like it was time to post some updates on the Fayes Blog. 

I am now living in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and loving it. On average, it's an older neighborhood, so there are a lot of children, dogs, pregnant ladies, and strollers. It's a refreshing change of pace compared to the neighborhood I go to school in, where there are scores of fashion-focused young folks. 

I found my apartment on Google Maps street view. That's where I live on the second floor!

I'm also working in Park Slope, at a "Patisserie." It's very chill, kind of reminiscent of the Fayes vibe. I make coffee, take sandwich orders and serve pastries. I've been told Steve Buscemi lives in the neighborhood and that his brother loves the place I'm now working at, so if I'm lucky, I'll get to serve Buscemi a brioche in the near future. A brioche for a Buscemi! Like Fayes and Dolores Park, Park Slope has its own unique cast of crazies. I'm getting to know them all. Looking at you, Sock Man! 

I have met Claudia of the Magnetic Fields and Lee and Tyler, brothers, of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Claudia actually came in with a Fayes regular who was visiting friends, including Claudia, in New York and just happened to come in to my new work for a treat. It's a small world. 

School is going very well, I'm especially loving my painting class. I have great professors this semester, all of them. Well, maybe except for my logic professor. She's nice enough, but not a very gifted public speaker. However, as in the case of my drawing professor, it is pretty inspiring learning from someone who was a friend and classmate of Roy Lichtenstein. 

You might have heard we had a tornado here. We did. It apparently touched down in Long Island, Queens, and Brooklyn, (which I guess technically are also Long Island). I'm convinced its point of contact in Brooklyn, or at least one of them, was here in Park Slope. Actually, that's probably been confirmed by now, but I just don't watch TV. I was underground, on the subway, during the 5 minutes it took for the storm to plow through the neighborhood, so I emerged in the middle of quite a scene. The Brooklyn Industries store 5 blocks from my house was hit by lightening, resulting in a clothing rack flying out the window onto the sidewalk. Brown stones had fallen off the signature local brownstone houses. And a half block below my house, a tree was uprooted and blown down on top of a car. The damage was considerable. Pretty exciting, all in all. Luckily, only the floor lamp in my room had been blown over, nothing more serious than that. Last autumn, a tornado touched down in Central Park. Then this. I'm bringing the extreme weather to New York. 

This is a photo of the tree damage down the block from me: 

I've been hearing quite a bit about the vendor cart in Dolores Park debate. I'm not going to express an opinion as I feel too removed to have an informed one. All my information comes second or third hand, from mostly reliable sources to be sure, but I just want to wish the neighborhood well while it's in the middle of this kerfuffle. I know just how much Fayes genuinely cares about the well-being of the park and neighborhood and I think you're all setting a good example by exercising your right and ability to speak out against that which you see as detrimental to the neighborhood. 

I miss you all very much. Congratulations to Rachel and Matthew on recent birthdays, I hope they were fun. I'm sorry I wasn't there with you. And a huge congratulations and hug and slap on the back and noogie to Matthew on becoming a married man. I'm wishing you and Kate all the good things I can think of. 


PS Patrick. Can I expect my own copy of You Can't Outrun The Cat in the mail after the release date? Steve and I are waiting expectantly. I don't want to have to hold off until I come home, I need to know how it ends!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tonight is a movie night

I was feeling kinda mushy today until a favorite customer came in and cheered me up.  She told me to watch a good movie tonight.  What movie will it be?  Teenwolf, of course!  Man, Micheal J. Fox as a middle-class teen with middle-class teen issues finds out that not only does he have a $5 haircut, but that he is also a teen WEREWOLF!
I mean, can it get worse than that?  First off, Boof is crushing on him and he just likes her as a friend, then he's got Styles who won't stop scheming and getting him in trouble and his Dad just doesn't understand!
Not to mention the sound design is fucking awesome and MJF break dances and car surfs to the Beach Boys.  Come on.  this movie is great!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Life is cyclical and you never know if something will retain it's prior glow.  That's why Midnight for Maniacs is so special to me.

Jessie Hathorn Ficks, who has been curating film since he was a teenager, brought to the screen last night a new 35mm print of Back to the Future for it's 25 year anniversary.  I was 3yrs old when it was released, but I was there none the less.  In fact, my father assures me that B2TF is the first film I ever saw.  Jessie taught me film history is a way that makes you feel less like a student and more like the quiet friend who let's the more enthusiastic friend ramble.  He speaks of cinema with a very loving lilt, maintaining that good and bad are very subjective.  One of his favorite films of all time: RoboCop.

A childhood fantasy of mine, and I still hold it today, is to edit all three B2TF's together into one long movie.  My solution to the Jennifer problem is to start with the original and at the end of part one bring in Elizabeth Shue.  I think enough time would have passed by then to not be bothered by the change in Jennifer's appearance.  Growing up this was never possible even on SLP with VHS.  Now with multilayer DVD's and DVD ripping software realizing my childhood fantasy doesn't seem so impossible.

                                  For Christmas my grandmother, who lived in Florida and whom I had never met, would send my older brother and I remote-control toy race cars.  And in the back yard we would recreate the scene where Doc Brown sends Marty back to 1985.  We would use wire coat hangers and jam them into the back of the car to simulate the "big pole and hook."  Usually by New Years we had run enough electricity into our toy DeLoreans that the back melted away and we moved on to playing Indiana Jones with the dog.

I've watched B2TF more times than I can count, but always on TV after that first screening 25 years ago.  I wasn't sure if it would be like all the other times, me reciting every line of dialog and pointing out little details to my partner who has only seen it once before, or if it would be something new.  Half way through I started to nod off, something I never do to movies, for fear of missing something, but last night I felt so comfortable there with all my old friends up on screen to watch over me.  I felt the way the character Book describes dieing in Soylent Green, "...going home."

Kudos to Mr. Ficks for recognizing what a wonderful piece of cinema B2TF truly is and kudos to M. J. Fox for teaching me how to fight, love, be a friend and drive really fast.
One last thing, a year ago I read the original screenplay for B2TF.  It was terrible!  Mind you, this is not the shooting script, this was the original that got the ball rolling.  Too much exposition, dialog more canned that infomercials, ridiculous plot twist and so on.  However, it had all the flashy special effect stuff in it.  (You can read it here) It goes to show that the big budget, the marketability, of the film was not what made the movie great.  It was casting, directing and acting.  The story came along, as all good stories will do, from rehearsals and the script was refined to the tightly crafted perfection that it was by the first take.  B2TF might not be as visually dazzling without the speed, chases and explosions, but we don't watch it for that anyway.  We watch it for the details.  Twenty five years later B2TF shines even brighter that before.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Will there be bins?

Nick Kinsey, associate director of concessions for the city park system, adds, “The vendors going into Dolores Park will be responsible not only for their own trash, but for any trash within a hundred feet of their cart.”

mission mission
story in Examiner

Meeting today at 4pm!  (old sign)

Mike McConnell, co-owner of Fayes ― a café on 18th Street ― has concerns about Blue Bottle. "We're not upset that it's coffee coming in," he says. "My concern with Blue Bottle is that they're going national [Last February, Blue Bottle opened a cafe in Brooklyn]. Two years ago in this neighborhood there was a huge fight to keep American Apparel off Valencia Street, and now this." McConnell thinks a smaller coffee roaster without a retail presence ― like De La Paz ― might be a better fit. "They'd be an awesome choice if the Parks Department needs revenue."
McConnell says he also has concerns about an uptick in trash and crowds, and he wonders why Rec and Park isn't waiting till the park's renovation is completed to roll out food vendors.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fayes is up on Fbook, yo!

We are friendly people.  We have faces.  Friend us on Facebook.
One of the things you'll find up there on FayesFB is a clip of two Fayesers faced and dancin'
if you follow this link.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Awesome Customers and their crazy schemes

Perp last seen driving erratically down the Long Island Expressway towards uncertainty.
Our pal Chuck McCall is featured today as a favorite customer at Fayes.

Short fact sheet on Chuck:
-Inventor- holds many patents to devices and ideologies that will only bring the end of humanity closer, I'm sure.  Sorta a Dr. Strangelove for our time.
-Travels to Malaysia and other exotic locales to tell people how to do their job.  Also traves to Fayes to tell us how to do our job.
-Drives a cool old convertible so people won't know that he's completely void of personality
-Has an awesome wife named Jessica. 
-Likes to garden when he's not harassing Fayes customers who are just trying to read the $6 NY Times on the bench on Sundays

Chuck doesn't like tomatoes, but loves to grow them.  When he is trying to get rid of some of his little tomatoes he likes to bring in a few to Fayes and runs contests for other customers.  So far he's done "Buy an Iced Coffee get a free tomato" and "Guess Patrick's weight and get a free tomato."  The tomatoes are really good.   Here are the stats: Free Tomato with Iced Coffee Purchase- Didn't entice customers to buy the iced coffee, but the reg iced coffee drinkers were really stoked.  Guess Patrick's Weight- three people got within 2lbs of my weight, but I let a few people have a tomato even when they were off by more than 2lbs.  All and all I think the tomato give aways at Fayes are a hit.
Thanks Chuck.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Gotta see

I saw this last night.  It is not playing anymore in SF, but maybe Fayes will get the DVD.
Here HERE is a nice interview with the director.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Sections

We recently arranged our feng-shui to make the store more flowy.
Check it!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

FFF '10

You probably have always had some good ideas for movies
You probably have a camera or know someone who has one
You probably have some friends that could help
Now is your chance to finally make that idea into a movie
Now is your chance to show that film that you made in that no one has ever seen
Now is your chance to see if your cell phone/laptop/PDA etc. has a good camera on it
Instead of telling your friend who makes films about this why don't YOU just make a movie?  You can do it.  We believe in you.  Don't be shy.  It's easier than you think.

  • films 2-10 minutes long (documentaries welcome too!)
  • films cannot have been screened elsewhere
  • deadline for submissions OCT 4th 2010
You can ask questions here or come into Fayes and talk to Patrick, Mike or Matthew about it.  We will have a great screening event and the films will be compiled onto a DVD that will be available for rent at Fayes.

There is NO entry fee

contact Patrick for  tips, ideas, inspiration or just to ask a specific question about how to make movies.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


KM over here is doing this thing    check it.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

On The Corner

"I hate graffiti."
Our neighbors tirelessly working to keep the streets clean.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Comedy hour!

N.I.N.Y. -- SF visits NY

I've been back in New York for two weeks now. It's hot and humid and there are thunderstorms every few days. Despite the weather, I have enjoyed a few things about returning east. My first night back, I ate a late dinner at Sidecar, a great, upscale diner-type restaurant with oysters, burgers, and tasty cocktails that serves until 4am.
I've been making the rounds to all the good espresso bars and coffee shops in Manhattan and Brooklyn, looking for a job. Fingers crossed, something turns up soon. Seems that no one is really hiring until the fall. I guess that makes sense.
I've been lucky enough to see two Fayes friends in those two weeks. Caleb and Marc were both in the Big Apple separately to attend different weddings on consecutive weekends.
First, Caleb came for a weekend. I saw him and his brother, Luke, for a day. Caleb and I took a walk over to Washington Square Park where we were lucky enough to witness a truly mediocre contortion show. The performer did have an excellent costume and a drummer with an umbrella hat. I'll give them points for that.

Marc was in town for a day the following weekend after attending a different wedding. He and I had brunch/lunch at Egg in Brooklyn, then spent the afternoon in the MOMA. I particularly liked the design exhibitions and the garden.

Good seeing you both. Until next time, SF!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fayes closed Wednesday July 7th!

Fayes is only closed 2 days a year- Christmas and the Fayes camping trip. This time it's not Christmas.

We're taking a little trip and will be closed Wednesday, July 7th. Never fear though, we'll be back open Thursday, July 8th at 7a.m.

This means there will be little adjustments for movie return times:
- New releases rented Monday, July 5th are now due Thursday, July 8th by 7p.m.
- Regular movies rented Sunday, July 4th are now also due Thursday, July 8th by 7p.m.

See you Thursday, bright and early!

-- the campers

Friday, June 18, 2010

Who are the people in your neighborhood?: Zuzy and Rick

Every week at Fayes we choose 12 movies, loosely based on a theme, that customers can rent for FREE when renting another movie. (And you thought the free only came once a year.) Included in this weeks selection of "How" to videos is locals, Zuzy and Rick's project, "Cooking for the Clueless". On our food obsessed block, this couple's fresh approach on bringing in the pros to teach the delicious basics is a welcomed treat.
And after sifting through their site grab some groceries and make a date for a dinner and a movie.


THANK YOU TO EVERYONE for all the FAYES VIDEO LOVE this weekend.We gave out 900+ cups of ICE COFFEE!come back and see us sometime!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

To All The Dogs Who Entered In The Cutest Dog Contest...

Thank you one and all, furry and bald, for participating in our Cutest Dog Contest. We had a record-breaking number of entries, and even though most of them didn't stop by for the parade, it was a blast all the same.

Every dog who entered in the contest is deserving of one of our unique Fayes collar decorations, a token of thanks from the store. Come by the shop and claim your decoration. They're cute.

Congratulations to Lolly, Dante, and Stella, our winners, but also to the rest of the Fayes dogs. We had a very cute bunch this year. Check them out for yourself in the store window.

Fingers crossed we can pull out another one like this next year!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Come by FAYES on SUNDAY and 'say' the SECRET BLOG WORD and get an additional 5 (five) RAFFLE TICKETS !
We are celebrating 12 years of FAYES BIZNESS!
Free Coffee
Drink Deals
Movie Deals
2-for-1 Movies!
all kinds of things!

Friday, June 11, 2010


Come in Saturday and say the Secret Blog word for that day and receive an additional 5 RAFFLE tickets!
FAYES VIDEO 12 YEAR Anniversary Promotion!
Free Coffee!
Drinks Deals!
Movie Deals!
(see details in previous posting, scroll down...)

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Stop by Fayes on Friday for a free coffee, movie deals, raffle.
"Say the secret Blog word" and receive an additional 5 Raffle Tix!

Monday, June 7, 2010


This weekend marks the 12th anniversary of FAYES VIDEO AND ESPRESSO BAR!!! We are welcoming everyone to come by this weekend and help us celebrate our many years as your friendly and local video rental store and espresso bar. To help celebrate we are holding our annual CUTEST DOG CONTEST. WE love dogs and are always deliberating over which one is the cutest. Here is your chance to make your little one the mascot of least till next year!

To Enter: email ONE cute photo of your dog to FAYESVIDEO@GMAIL.COM by 10pm on Friday, June 11th or drop a photo off at the store no later than NOON on Saturday, June 12.

All entrants are invited to participate in a dog parade at Fayes at 3pm on Saturday, June 12th, when and where the winners and prizes will be posted.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010


2001: A Space Odyssey
Interview With a Vampire
21 Grams
It's a Wonderful Life
28 Days Later
King of Kong
A King in New York
Let The Right One In
A Nightmare Before X-mas
The Lives of Others
The Lord of The Rings (I,II,III)
All About My Mother
The Lost Boys
Mad Men (TV)
Annie Hall
The Apartment

Arrested Development (TV)
The Night of the Hunter
Back to the Future (I, II, III)
Nine Queens
The Bad News Bears (1976)
No Country For Old Men
Being John Malkovich
Old Boy
Bell Époque
One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest
Best of Youth
Out of Sight
Better Off Dead
Pan's Labyrinth
The Big Lebowski
Paper Moon
Blazing Saddles
Paris, Texas
Bring It On
The Philadelphia Story
Butch CassidyThe Sundance Kid
Play Misty For Me
Californication (TV)
The Princess Bride
Children of Paradise
The Professional
Children of Men
Raiders of the Lost Ark
City of Lost Children
Rio Bravo
Rosemary's Baby
Cool Hand Luke
The Royal Tenebaums
Dances With Wolves
Dazed and Confused
Say Anything
Dirty Dancing
Show Me Love
The Diving Bell & The Butterfly
Dog Day Afternoon
Spirited Away
Donnie Darko
The Sting
Edward Scissorhands
Strangers on a Train
Synecdoche, New York
The Empire Strikes Back
Taxi Driver
F For Fake
There Will be Blood
Fail Safe
They Shoot Horses Don't They?
The Five Obstructions
The French Connection
True Blood (TV)
The Game
Ghostbusters (I & II)
The Vanishing (1988)
Groundhog Day
Vicky Christina Barcelona
Harold and Maude
Hocus Pocus
Voyage of the Damned
How To Draw A Bunny
Waiting for Guffman
The Hurt Locker
Wall E
The Hustler
Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf?
Imaginary Heroes
The Witches of Eastwick
In America
Young Frankenstein

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

N.I.N.Y. -- Leaving NY, going to UT, coming home to CA.

My first year of school is coming to an end, I'm wrapping up the semester now with only a black and white photo critique and a ten page Art & Contemporary Culture final paper to turn in.

On friday, I fly to Salt Lake City for a two week road trip through the state. It should be an amazing trip, filled with mountains, meadows, and Mormons.

I will take lots of pictures. After all, this will be my first look, in person, at the Grand Canyon.
From UT, I fly to SF. I cannot wait to be back on the Fayes bench, drinking coffee, chatting, and hanging out with the dogs.
I'll see you all in a couple weeks!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Who are the people in your neighborhood? (part 1 of many to come)

I don't know if any of you have read Jane Jacobs, "The Death and Life of Great American Cities", but if not... you should. "On cities specifically, Jacobs was an early and prescient voice warning that what was being billed as urban renewal--big housing projects, highway building, creation of business districts, etc.--was actually destroying neighborhoods and creating more problems than it was solving."
I know that doesn't sound like the most uplifting of reads, but specifically I was interested in the concepts that made neighborhoods, such as our Mission District thrive. One of her main points of Jacobs was how the role of knowing your neighbor added safety and comfort to your life. Even if you don't know them by name, your barista, your neighbor, or the homeless guy know you. They notice you on your walk to work, on the BART, or while shopping for groceries.

Fayes has always been a very neighborhood-centric business. You can come for coffee, movies, or conversation. We seem to be the gathering spot for many of the neighborhood contributors. I decided why not use the blog to further the neighborhood connections by spotlighting some of the amazing projects of our customers and neighbors.

So here is one that happens almost directly in our own backyard, Little City Gardens .
We can see the garden from our back window and have even given them our old coffee grounds for compost.
I came across this article about them on Sfgate. Please help them to continue with their amazing efforts... Only 3 days left!!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring Open Studios

It's going to be a sunny days in the Mission this weekend, why not break out that summer dress and go on an art stroll. Spring open studios are taking place all across the neighborhood. You can find all the information here. And make sure you come to 2111 Mission (@ 17th, above Thrift Town) at the Blue Studios where I am in Suite 405 (Project 3).
If you check out the MAU website you can get coupons for deals at local shops... like FAYES.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Its been way, way to long since we reminisced about high school... so I sat down with Rachel and asked her a few questions.

What year and what high school did you graduate from?

Carmel High School, 2002

When you were in high school what type of boys did you pass notes to? did you ever ask anyone to check a box... yes or no?

I was always way too shy to pass notes to the boys I liked but I definitely passed notes to my friend's about the boys that I was crushing on. My first high school crush is now married.

Were there any good stories from your senior prom? Who did you go with?

I had a good time at my prom. I went with Sean Kristl. We got to borrow Sean's mom's old mustang to drive to the dance...classic high school.

You seem to really be into american history... Do you think the series "John Adams" is an accurate depiction of that time period?

First off, Laura Linny looks WAY too good in this movie. Abigail Adams was not that cute!:) Yes, I think it is a pretty accurate depiction of the18th Century because it shows the grit and crime that the everyday person had to deal with. It was not easy to live back then and there are some really graphic scenes. I love the episode when John Adams makes it all the way to France goes straight to the French Court for a classic French feast. The scene is incredibly grotesque because it depicts how French fashion really must have looked. Back then, people used lead in their make-up and high fashion was to paint your face white. Although this era was known as the Age of Enlightenment, most fashionable men and woman poisoned themselves with red and white lead make-up and powder. The make-up they used did horrendous things to their health and appearance. It eroded the enamal on their teeth and caused their skin to turn black all while in full acknowledgement that a heavy use of lead could cause death. Pain equals beauty ya'll! There is a lot of laughter in this scene and the Court's black teeth and seering red faces really gave me the shivers. I love make-up and I love historical clothing so this scene really did the trick for me.

During the Oscars this year they paid tribute to John Hughes. What character from the "Breakfast Club" do you most relate to and why? Which of his (JH) movies are your favorite?

"Sixteen Candles" is my favorite JH movie. I love when Jake Ryan's bitchy girlfriend gets her hair caught in the door and her friends have to cut it off. I also love the organ player at the church who rattles when she walks. I guess if I had to pick a character that I most relate to from the Breakfast Club I would have to go with Molly Ringwald. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't a bitch who made people feel left out but I was pretty girly and had lots of friends. I was a typical kid who had tons of good times with my friends ultimately making my high school expereice a positive one. Also, I saw Molly Ringwald cross the street in Carmel a few years ago so that makes me want to pick her even more.

Outside of Fayes what are your hobbies?

Funny enough I actually see a lot of movies. I also joined a few book clubs which is a good thing cause it got me back into reading again. I like to bake and try to master new recipes every week.

If you could make up a special Fayes coffee drink what would it be?

Hmmmm, probably the "chocolate milk mixup". I like to mix the iced coffee with milk and mix in our chocolate powder. It looks gross and chunky but it is SO delicious. I gots to give credit when credit is due. This drink is partly Frankie's. That guy gave me the idea to use the chocolate powder with cold milk. His is just the chocolate milk with no coffee but mine has the caffeine kick. I dig it.

You LOVE dogs...any new contenders for the Faye's cutest dog contest this year? Who is your favorite Fayes pooch?

My favorite pooch was Charlie, Sophie's dog. He was pretty rad. Now that he's moved I would have to say that my new favorite is probably a toss up between Oliver and Barren. I'm not usually keen on small dogs as much as I am with larger sized pups but Oliver is the sweetest dog in the world. Barren is definitely cute and he knows it. These guys are both going to have to enter the contest....even though Oliver was the winner last year. He may just win again!

Lastly any favorite Fayes stories?

I can't think of anything off the top of my head but I will say that Fayes creates a very interesting and cool microcosm of a community. There are so many good stories that I hear every day and it makes this job really fun and funny. I did however recently play a role in a missed connection. It was all about how some guy was in Fayes and felt he had a connection with some girl, wearing a green sweater, but didn't want to make a move because "counter girl"(that would be me) was right there listening. HA! I killed that guy's game. SORRY!

If you want to keep up with Ray's cooking adventures and dog outings , check her blog here.