Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tonight is a movie night

I was feeling kinda mushy today until a favorite customer came in and cheered me up.  She told me to watch a good movie tonight.  What movie will it be?  Teenwolf, of course!  Man, Micheal J. Fox as a middle-class teen with middle-class teen issues finds out that not only does he have a $5 haircut, but that he is also a teen WEREWOLF!
I mean, can it get worse than that?  First off, Boof is crushing on him and he just likes her as a friend, then he's got Styles who won't stop scheming and getting him in trouble and his Dad just doesn't understand!
Not to mention the sound design is fucking awesome and MJF break dances and car surfs to the Beach Boys.  Come on.  this movie is great!

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