Monday, December 30, 2013

last post of the year.

New Year's is a time of recollection and assessment, looking back and reevaluating, reliving the past and checking in with ones' self, remembering and taking stock, reexamining memories and analyzing, reliving and retrieving, taking a look at the past and learning from our mistakes, reminiscing and appraising,  recounting and evaluating, relating and sometimes relearning, reviewing and taking measure, surveying and considering, recalling and calculating, recognizing and using perception, commemorating and reoccurring nightmares, forgetting people's names and their faces, using your words and your irresistible charm for things you don't need but really want, reliving memories that you thought you had buried with overwhelming large amounts of shame and regret that make you shutter uncontrollably when you thinking about them. The thoughts posses you as you walk home and when you wake up as you feed the dog and when your talking to the clerk, if only you could let yourself forget for one moment of one day, but it's like an peripheral image lingering out of reach but closing in.  It keeps you vigilant and exposed. Isn't it' punishment enough that you have to relive that memory over and over? if you could take it back you could, but time will only intensify the guilt of the mistake. Like a violin climbing higher and higher up the neck, the memory turns from an argument into a single channeled voice, each day you think the note could not climb higher and the voice could not become clearer, sharper; it's growing. It's growing in you and you want to run and you remember when you were free, before the event, when everything seemed simple and clean and calm, and you remember the enjoyment of relaxing and breathing being able to look at people in their eyes. But that's over now, because you got Netflicks. and there's a special place in hell for you.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

top films of 2014

Love actually III (2048).
Rather than releasing Love actually II, this jarringly funny comedy jumped ahead a sequel and made the third of two movies about the eight couples 34 years into the future. The all-star cast dons fat costumes, drooping skin and liver spots to present a rom-com that tests the meaning of love and time (210 mins. in length). Liam Neeson's academy worthy performance as realization that we're all going to die alone will leave you feeling empty and sated at the same time.  Get ready to "laugh at loud" (village voices) as you see fatigue, disease, dementia, and a hilarious case of erectile dysfunction plague Hugh Grant. Watch as Grant, Martine McCutcheon, Liam Neeson and the rest of the cast attempt to stay hip with the apocalyptic future of 2048.

"I'm pretty sure this is the best acting of Hugh Grant's career...though I can't really ever tell if he's acting or just confused that he's not looking at himself in the mirror, wait, only use that first part, you're only using that first part, right?" -- Ralph O-'Harren  film critic

"This is the kind of film we're going to marvel at in 2048 and wonder how they got it so right" --Sally DeLuv Reader's Digestion

Fast and the Furious 13 

The History of the Fayes Blog Vol 1-5 : Actor Alec Baldwin reads the 431 blog entries of Fayes video and espresso dressed as a sad duckling behind a green screen of kittens playing with yarn and butterflies. highlights include -new releases from Tuesday March 16th 2008, winners of the 2011 cutest Dog Contest and who could forget the quotable:  "we'll be closed on Thanksgiving gobble gobble gobble!" The unbelievable surprise ending will leave you questioning the time space continuum.