Sunday, March 29, 2009

Upcoming Releases: March 31st

 For all you dog lovers the much anticipated "Marley & Me" (a customer's dog was named after this movie, well the book version) 

"Ne le dis a personne"  a foreign thriller.

Pay it forward X 7.
Will Smith in "Seven Pounds"

And the Oscar for Best Picture 2008:
"Slumdog Millionaire" 

Sunday, March 22, 2009


You may call Patrick a jack-of-all-trades, working with film, comics, music and coffee. He first made his appearance on 18th street behind the deli counter at Bi-Rite, but has been slinging coffee and suggesting movies for Fayes for the past year. 
  His quick wit will keep you on your toes during those early morning commutes, and on Sundays he may be responsible for your evening movie or late night tunes at Dalva.  I asked him some questions about high school and his array of interests... making him one complex coyote.

In high school did you fit into any of the preconceived stereotypes that are often portrayed in movies, tv shows, and the likes? If yes, what group would you say you belonged to?

I moved around  a lot growing up, every year I went to a different school, so it wasn't so much of me being IN a group as it was me observing the groups. I grew up listening to Kool 94.5 FM (AZ) so I thought that was the only music that existed so my heroes were guys like Bo Diddley, Elvis, Little Richard and such. So i kinda tried to dress like them. The punk groups at schools usually thought I belonged to them, but you know school punks, they're all on the chess an soccer team. I thought they were "posers". Really I just wanted to hang out with the pretty girls. But if I was a movie stereotype, it probably would have been a mix of Duckey from "Pretty in Pink" and Nick Cage in "Valley Girl".

You have several tattoos. What was the motivation behind getting them? Do you have any regrets?

I was able to score my older brothers ID when I was 16, so I do regret my first tattoo, a dancing devil, ugh. The others are symbols of some things that have heavily influenced me at the time I got them, but really I regret ALL my tattoos. I should just have  a T-shirt with the symbols instead of ink permanently inside my skin.

In high school did you participate in extra curricular activities? What type of hobbies do you have presently?

I started a "unity club" at one school. On the day of the first meeting there was a school wide brawl over racial tensions and so my group was disbanded and I got detention. They blamed me for "stirring up trouble". I held a rally and I just said that tolerance for racism is not an option and named some names. People got mad and someone shouted "nigger" or "nigger lover" and the punches just started flying. If I remember correctly, some boy went to the ER because he had gotten stabbed in the side with a pencil.

You recently published a zine, that from my reading. was based on actual personal relationships and experiences in your life. After the completion did you have any new discoveries or added stories to expand on, a possible sequel?

I did, but I didn't know how to proceed. I still draw, but I don't think I'll put out another comic zine. My attention has shifted back to film making. That just was the only way I could figure out how to express some of my ideas. Sometimes it's music, sometimes films. That time just happened to be pictures.

Which character on "LOST" do you most associate with? If the series was to create a character for you and you could aide in the creation, what would that be like?

I don't think I associate with any one character. I hate Kate, she never listens and she always screws things up! And I love Ben and Locke, but if there was a character created... oooh! Desmond. That's who I probably can relate to the most.

You've created an Avant-Gard section here at Fayes, what one film would you suggest for customers as a "must see"?

I think a lot of people might be weary to rent from that section, so I would introduce them slowly. "Weekend" is a good one to start with. It's linear, it's stimulating and it can be enjoyed without really knowing what Truffaut was trying to say.

Do you always take your coffee the same way?

Usually I drink an Au Lait, but done like an Americano. Very little sugar.

In your year working at Fayes, any favorite stories?

No one particular event strikes me. I like being constant here in the morning because then I see a lot of the same people and get to know them and what's going on in their world. Right now Nathan Dwyer is trying to give us a scone from Tartine, but he already touched it and I know his hands aren't clean!

Music seems to be an important aspect of your life, do you have a favorite band? Is there any album that you "need" to complete your music collection?

I'm trying to put together a Blues -Nite at a bar somewhere so I've been looking for a particular Snooks Eagin record, but it's REALLY expensive. That and I'd very much like to have a 45 of "Starting Over" by John Lennon.

Freak or Geek?

Just geek.

One last thing. Don't you think this picture of you is in need of lasers in the background?