Sunday, November 23, 2008


 Often we are asked here at Fayes about the backgrounds of the employees, so I decided to do a little spotlight section on our amazing staff. First off will be our youngest employee, who regardless of her mature demeanor, is still in high school. She used to study ballet and is in the process of applying to college. I am sure she will have no problem getting in to any school of her choice. Here she is... NINA. 


What school activities are you involved in? Junior State of America and Vice President of Film Club.
If you were a high school stereotype, which one would you be? Maybe the person who shows up every day for four years, but no one notices and has a blank space in the yearbook were their photo should be. (If that stereotype exists?)
What are your hobbies? Ballet, drawing, knitting (yes, I occasionally knit), comic book indulgence, sock darning, and procrastinating.
Who is your favorite band or musician? No favorite. Some favorites. 
What movie would represent your life? "Step Up 2- The Streets" or whatever it is called ( I haven't seen it, but I have engaged in a dance-off. For real.)
What is your favorite 80's movie? "Big Trouble" all the way. And maybe "Working Girl" and "Robo-Cop".
What do you want to be when you grow up? Who knows? Something along the lines of an artist/graphic designer/ illustrator/ industrial designer all rolled into one big bundle of fun.
What is your favorite coffee beverage? I like tea. (uh hum, and MILK)
Muffin or Moe?  That's a mean question! Muffin.
What's your favorite Fayes story/ies? Here's a few:
Customer: "Do you have a bathroom?"
Matthew: "No."
Customer: "Where do you pee?"
Matthew: (aside) "In the coffee?"

Girl: "What's the funniest movie in the store?"
Nina: "I don't know."
Girl: "What's the longest comedy yo have?"
Nina: "I don't know."
Customer: "Mannequin 2 is pretty long"

Elijaun: "I don't get scared. The only movie that  EVER scared me was "Prom Night".
Patrick : "You have no taste."

Mike smashing his face into a muffin, and Jennifer P. laughing like a wild woman.
Ahhh that's right. I was crying.
Thanks Nina, you definitely will be missed when you go off to college. When can Cacious start working?
Nina's Highest Single Word in SCRABBLE: PAINTER (72pts)

Saturday, November 22, 2008


New York is pretty cold about now. Everything here is twice as expensive as Faye's. They only give you 16 ounces of tea for $1.75. Rip-off. But everything is also constantly accessible, 24 hours a day, wherever you may be. 
So far I've only made it to the places in my neighborhood here in the Bowery, but there are some great spots here. There's this one place, the Sugar Cafe, that takes FOREVER to get you your order, even when it's not busy, but the food is worth it and their corner spot on E. Houston and 1st ave. provides good people-watching material. SoHo is just a couple blocks away, along with Cooper Union and a very busy Whole Foods. I have yet to experience any crazy subway lurkers the way I usually do.

I was surprised when I got here by the number of bicyclists. I never remember there being this many. It's nothing like San Francisco, but for a city full of such aggressive cab drivers and pedestrians, I'm surprised that anyone feels compelled to buy a bike at all. 
My visit to Cooper Union went amazingly well and the facilities were beautiful. The foundation building is only eight blocks away from where I'm staying. Apparently they're opening up a new arts facility this spring, but we visitors weren't permitted to see it. 
Tonight I'm going out with some NY friends. Perhaps they can broaden my neighborhood horizons. However, I can't wait to get back to clean tap water that doesn't have green moss in it. 

Fun Show Tonight!

My friend Yes Alexander's collaborative album with Blue Sky Black Death has been released!!! Recent reviews of the album on Spin Magazine online and have called the album 'otherworldly' and have compared Yes's ethereal vocals to those of Mazzy Stars or Johanna Newsom. It's so good! And tonight is the record release at Annies Social Club! Come have fun!Flyerbsbd

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


FAYES will be open Thursday November 27th...
the day of the TURKEY !
8am to 1pm......
If you need us that day, we'll be around.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008

We have moved the foreign section!

Drama VHS is now in plastic sleeves along with the drama DVD section in th back.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Happy birthday, Patrick, Pete and Dan.

Today is the 12th day of November, and in addition being an uncommonly popular day to born, it is also Elizabeth Cady Stanton Day, the day the US space shuttle Columbia was launched, the day the Bay Bridge was opened for use in 1936 and the day of the first successful Pacific Ocean crossing by a hot air balloon.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Portland Visit

Lydia had just gotten back from her soccer game. She was sooo close at scoring 2 goals. She scored with some danishes later on...

Jacob was "hella" hungry for danishes
Alberta was trying not to look at me...

Was up in Portland for the weekend and visited with old Fayes friends... They all seem to be doing well. Scott and Cliff send their hellos while sipping on Fayes coffee.

Sunday, November 2, 2008