Saturday, November 22, 2008


New York is pretty cold about now. Everything here is twice as expensive as Faye's. They only give you 16 ounces of tea for $1.75. Rip-off. But everything is also constantly accessible, 24 hours a day, wherever you may be. 
So far I've only made it to the places in my neighborhood here in the Bowery, but there are some great spots here. There's this one place, the Sugar Cafe, that takes FOREVER to get you your order, even when it's not busy, but the food is worth it and their corner spot on E. Houston and 1st ave. provides good people-watching material. SoHo is just a couple blocks away, along with Cooper Union and a very busy Whole Foods. I have yet to experience any crazy subway lurkers the way I usually do.

I was surprised when I got here by the number of bicyclists. I never remember there being this many. It's nothing like San Francisco, but for a city full of such aggressive cab drivers and pedestrians, I'm surprised that anyone feels compelled to buy a bike at all. 
My visit to Cooper Union went amazingly well and the facilities were beautiful. The foundation building is only eight blocks away from where I'm staying. Apparently they're opening up a new arts facility this spring, but we visitors weren't permitted to see it. 
Tonight I'm going out with some NY friends. Perhaps they can broaden my neighborhood horizons. However, I can't wait to get back to clean tap water that doesn't have green moss in it. 

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