Sunday, September 12, 2010

Awesome Customers and their crazy schemes

Perp last seen driving erratically down the Long Island Expressway towards uncertainty.
Our pal Chuck McCall is featured today as a favorite customer at Fayes.

Short fact sheet on Chuck:
-Inventor- holds many patents to devices and ideologies that will only bring the end of humanity closer, I'm sure.  Sorta a Dr. Strangelove for our time.
-Travels to Malaysia and other exotic locales to tell people how to do their job.  Also traves to Fayes to tell us how to do our job.
-Drives a cool old convertible so people won't know that he's completely void of personality
-Has an awesome wife named Jessica. 
-Likes to garden when he's not harassing Fayes customers who are just trying to read the $6 NY Times on the bench on Sundays

Chuck doesn't like tomatoes, but loves to grow them.  When he is trying to get rid of some of his little tomatoes he likes to bring in a few to Fayes and runs contests for other customers.  So far he's done "Buy an Iced Coffee get a free tomato" and "Guess Patrick's weight and get a free tomato."  The tomatoes are really good.   Here are the stats: Free Tomato with Iced Coffee Purchase- Didn't entice customers to buy the iced coffee, but the reg iced coffee drinkers were really stoked.  Guess Patrick's Weight- three people got within 2lbs of my weight, but I let a few people have a tomato even when they were off by more than 2lbs.  All and all I think the tomato give aways at Fayes are a hit.
Thanks Chuck.

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