Thursday, September 16, 2010

Will there be bins?

Nick Kinsey, associate director of concessions for the city park system, adds, “The vendors going into Dolores Park will be responsible not only for their own trash, but for any trash within a hundred feet of their cart.”

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Mike McConnell, co-owner of Fayes ― a café on 18th Street ― has concerns about Blue Bottle. "We're not upset that it's coffee coming in," he says. "My concern with Blue Bottle is that they're going national [Last February, Blue Bottle opened a cafe in Brooklyn]. Two years ago in this neighborhood there was a huge fight to keep American Apparel off Valencia Street, and now this." McConnell thinks a smaller coffee roaster without a retail presence ― like De La Paz ― might be a better fit. "They'd be an awesome choice if the Parks Department needs revenue."
McConnell says he also has concerns about an uptick in trash and crowds, and he wonders why Rec and Park isn't waiting till the park's renovation is completed to roll out food vendors.

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  1. Consider yourself boycotted. There is so much demand for food services in the Dolores Park area, so much so that lines for brick and mortar business are often 10-20 people deep. Adding more vendors to the area will just help address this demand. Comparing Blue Bottle to American Apparel is totally freaking insane. Apparently it's OK for your partner-in-whining (Dolores Park Cafe) to have a chain of cafes monopolizing all the parkside cafe real estate in San Francisco, but god forbid that I be able to get a coffee or a snack without waiting in a 20 minute line by patronizing a food cart vendor.

    Go away. Back off the food vendors. You look like huge jerks. Cya at the next community meeting.