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Its been way, way to long since we reminisced about high school... so I sat down with Rachel and asked her a few questions.

What year and what high school did you graduate from?

Carmel High School, 2002

When you were in high school what type of boys did you pass notes to? did you ever ask anyone to check a box... yes or no?

I was always way too shy to pass notes to the boys I liked but I definitely passed notes to my friend's about the boys that I was crushing on. My first high school crush is now married.

Were there any good stories from your senior prom? Who did you go with?

I had a good time at my prom. I went with Sean Kristl. We got to borrow Sean's mom's old mustang to drive to the dance...classic high school.

You seem to really be into american history... Do you think the series "John Adams" is an accurate depiction of that time period?

First off, Laura Linny looks WAY too good in this movie. Abigail Adams was not that cute!:) Yes, I think it is a pretty accurate depiction of the18th Century because it shows the grit and crime that the everyday person had to deal with. It was not easy to live back then and there are some really graphic scenes. I love the episode when John Adams makes it all the way to France goes straight to the French Court for a classic French feast. The scene is incredibly grotesque because it depicts how French fashion really must have looked. Back then, people used lead in their make-up and high fashion was to paint your face white. Although this era was known as the Age of Enlightenment, most fashionable men and woman poisoned themselves with red and white lead make-up and powder. The make-up they used did horrendous things to their health and appearance. It eroded the enamal on their teeth and caused their skin to turn black all while in full acknowledgement that a heavy use of lead could cause death. Pain equals beauty ya'll! There is a lot of laughter in this scene and the Court's black teeth and seering red faces really gave me the shivers. I love make-up and I love historical clothing so this scene really did the trick for me.

During the Oscars this year they paid tribute to John Hughes. What character from the "Breakfast Club" do you most relate to and why? Which of his (JH) movies are your favorite?

"Sixteen Candles" is my favorite JH movie. I love when Jake Ryan's bitchy girlfriend gets her hair caught in the door and her friends have to cut it off. I also love the organ player at the church who rattles when she walks. I guess if I had to pick a character that I most relate to from the Breakfast Club I would have to go with Molly Ringwald. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't a bitch who made people feel left out but I was pretty girly and had lots of friends. I was a typical kid who had tons of good times with my friends ultimately making my high school expereice a positive one. Also, I saw Molly Ringwald cross the street in Carmel a few years ago so that makes me want to pick her even more.

Outside of Fayes what are your hobbies?

Funny enough I actually see a lot of movies. I also joined a few book clubs which is a good thing cause it got me back into reading again. I like to bake and try to master new recipes every week.

If you could make up a special Fayes coffee drink what would it be?

Hmmmm, probably the "chocolate milk mixup". I like to mix the iced coffee with milk and mix in our chocolate powder. It looks gross and chunky but it is SO delicious. I gots to give credit when credit is due. This drink is partly Frankie's. That guy gave me the idea to use the chocolate powder with cold milk. His is just the chocolate milk with no coffee but mine has the caffeine kick. I dig it.

You LOVE dogs...any new contenders for the Faye's cutest dog contest this year? Who is your favorite Fayes pooch?

My favorite pooch was Charlie, Sophie's dog. He was pretty rad. Now that he's moved I would have to say that my new favorite is probably a toss up between Oliver and Barren. I'm not usually keen on small dogs as much as I am with larger sized pups but Oliver is the sweetest dog in the world. Barren is definitely cute and he knows it. These guys are both going to have to enter the contest....even though Oliver was the winner last year. He may just win again!

Lastly any favorite Fayes stories?

I can't think of anything off the top of my head but I will say that Fayes creates a very interesting and cool microcosm of a community. There are so many good stories that I hear every day and it makes this job really fun and funny. I did however recently play a role in a missed connection. It was all about how some guy was in Fayes and felt he had a connection with some girl, wearing a green sweater, but didn't want to make a move because "counter girl"(that would be me) was right there listening. HA! I killed that guy's game. SORRY!

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