Friday, July 23, 2010

N.I.N.Y. -- SF visits NY

I've been back in New York for two weeks now. It's hot and humid and there are thunderstorms every few days. Despite the weather, I have enjoyed a few things about returning east. My first night back, I ate a late dinner at Sidecar, a great, upscale diner-type restaurant with oysters, burgers, and tasty cocktails that serves until 4am.
I've been making the rounds to all the good espresso bars and coffee shops in Manhattan and Brooklyn, looking for a job. Fingers crossed, something turns up soon. Seems that no one is really hiring until the fall. I guess that makes sense.
I've been lucky enough to see two Fayes friends in those two weeks. Caleb and Marc were both in the Big Apple separately to attend different weddings on consecutive weekends.
First, Caleb came for a weekend. I saw him and his brother, Luke, for a day. Caleb and I took a walk over to Washington Square Park where we were lucky enough to witness a truly mediocre contortion show. The performer did have an excellent costume and a drummer with an umbrella hat. I'll give them points for that.

Marc was in town for a day the following weekend after attending a different wedding. He and I had brunch/lunch at Egg in Brooklyn, then spent the afternoon in the MOMA. I particularly liked the design exhibitions and the garden.

Good seeing you both. Until next time, SF!

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