Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Release Review ~ PB&J style!

Amy Adams, Viola Davis and Philip Seymour Hoffman put on a great show, but it was Meryl Streep that knocked it out of the park for me. Sure, she's a powerhouse, sure we all love her, but she really blew me away on this one.
The cinematography was subtle and well done in conjuncture with the art direction.

I gave this one B.

When are ya'll gonna stop baggin' on Keanu Reeves and give him his due?!
Can anyone else play these parts?
DTESS was a solid flick; action packed, intense, updated to be topical with extinction and meltin polar caps and war an shit. Had me bitting my nails till the end. BUT, the end drops off. It needed about ten more minutes of lesson learned kinda drama.
My other complaint was that little boy, Jaden Smith he was HORRIBLE!
I hate little kids acting all mature and shit with one liners.
He's the reason I gave DTESS a C.

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