Friday, July 31, 2009

Don't you like fun?

Q:"What kind of music do you listen to?"
A:"Anything but Country."

What is with people shutting off to whole genres? Haven't you ever heard Garth Brooks? Dude rocks! I try and try to help people pick out a movie that they'll enjoy and sometimes I pick out a movie that has singing in it and they'll be with me through the whole description until I get to the part about how great the musical numbers are. Come on people, didn't you feel totally cultured when you saw Slumdog Millionaire? Didn't you love Jungle Book? Julie Andrews, Xanadu, whole towns in perfect harmony! Musicals are just like regular movies, but with moments of orchestrated jubilee. When did you stop liking fun? Don't you like fun?

Some musicals we have at Faye's:
Ruling Class -Peter O'Toole
Romance and Cigarettes
-James Gandelfini & Susan sarandon
Le Million -old French Flick

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