Monday, August 31, 2009

Nina in New York (NINY): welcome week

So I've moved into my NYU dorm, which is a half block away from Washington Sq Park. There I can watch the dogs at the dog run. I get therapy for my Muffin and Mo withdrawal by watching them get their exercise.

The tradeoff for my awesome location is the fact that I live in an institutional dorm. It looks like prison. A prison with a few homey additions I'm working on installing. The walls are cinderblock, painted white or off-white; it's hard to distinguish under the unnatural glare of our overhead, fluorescent light, the only light source in the room with the exception of our window. The window looks straight across a lightwell to Tower B, meaning there's very little natural light that makes it into the room. However, Victoria and I do have our own personal bathroom, a luxury by typical college dorm standards. The bathroom also reminds me of life on the inside, but there's not much to be done about that.

And now, for the photo tour:
My bed, a Darjeeling Limited poster, a piece of Michael McConnell art, an 18th street block party poster, and a variety of photos. The majority of the wall decorations are still to come. Gotta cover up the cinderblock. Now that I'm looking at this photo though, I'm realizing that it's backward. Somehow it got flipped.

The light. And the window, with the blinds down. Nighttime!

Another view of my room. This one is oriented correctly. I'm the pile of crazy-in-progress on the left, Victoria is the 'Twilight' fan on the right (her poster fell down but I'm sure it'll be back up shortly).

Bathroom. Full view. Today I moved my toothbrush onto the bathroom counter. It adds a human touch to the room. And that's me standing in my roomie's closet space to take the picture.

Toilet, anyone? We now have a bath mat. Once I find a job, I'll buy an extra shower curtain; one of those decorative plastic ones with jet planes or a world map.

Photo tour ends here.

Today was my first day of orientation. It takes 2 days total. I met the kids in my major (there are some chill people and a LOT of Koreans and most likely some overlap between the 2 groups). Tomorrow I register for classes. I'll be taking Fundamental Drawing, Fund. Sculpture, Fund. Digital Art as my elective, "Writing the Essay" which is a required course for all freshies, an art criticism seminar, and my New Student Seminar (only for 1 semester).

As a freshman in my particular college and major, there's very little choice in classes. These are the ones I'll be taking for this entire year. My only choices were my elective and my professors for the drawing and sculpture classes. The first year for a visual art major is dedicated to fulfilling basic art foundation requirements. I do all my liberal arts requirements and continuing art classes, (ones that I choose), in years 2-4. In total, I will be taking 18 units this year, along with my Steinhardt Scholars seminars which take place once a week for about 2 hours. In short, with all my classes, homework, and the job which I need to find and start soon, I will be very busy this year. But I'm excited to get to classes and really start meeting people I have something in common with. Welcome Week is beginning to feel like summer camp.

Tomorrow I'm going to see 'Inglorious Basterds' (i'm ready!), and then I begin the search for the perfect cafe in the neighborhood with WiFi, cheap coffee, cheap food, and preferably a calm atmosphere. We'll see what I find, but I do need a stand-in for Fayes while I'm here.

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