Wednesday, October 7, 2009

NINY: Autumn is here.

It's October now and I've been in New York approximately 2 months (minus last weekend, which I spent back home). It is no longer summer here. In fact, I think those tornadoes the news was reporting in Central Park a few weeks ago have made their way downtown a bit. It seems to be quite windy around Broadway and 8th, making it hard for me to walk to class with me big drawing board and paper pads.

I had my first New York celebrity sighting the other day (that I know of). It was Gael Garcia Bernal. And he is short. Really tiny. Pint sized. My friend Bonnie and I were sitting by the window of our favorite pub/restaurant in the LES and all these models started walking by and entering the apartment building next door. Then, five minutes later, GGB goes in. We assume they were all going to the same party. I guess he likes to hang out with beautiful people. Some of those ladies were twice his height.

Otherwise, not much to report. It was our first day of figure drawing in drawing class today. My favorite. Lady model.

Until we meet again (through my fingertips and your eyes),


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  1. oh i am so so jealous! what is he doing with models though, he is married with a kid! damn you are lucky!