Friday, November 20, 2009

N.I.N.Y. -- What A Crazy World We Live In

So I've had a pretty busy week, and during this week I've experienced and witnessed some pretty strange things. I apologize, none of these things directly relates to New York or Fayes Video, but that doesn't make them any less entertaining. Now I will write about them.


I just found out about this kid.
Is he for real? Check out his perfectly combed hair. And all these sexy, prepubescent photos? He's 15 and wikipedia tells me he's a tween heartthrob. I lose faith in the judgement and taste of all American junior high aged girls when they make some kid who belongs on the men who look like old lesbians blog the second most googled "justin".


My roomie. This girl also has given me serious reasons to doubt her taste. We have a Twilight poster hanging in our room, and today I witnessed her telling her mother over iChat that "the new Rob Thomas album is amazing!" This wouldn't be such a problem, but she likes to sing in the middle of the night, out loud, in bed, while I'm trying to sleep.


Currently, I am surprising my own self. I am watching Legal Eagles. Again.

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  1. i seriously love "legal eagles"... when i was a kid i did some of those pyro moves of miss hannah.