Thursday, December 17, 2009

N.I.N.Y. -- Here for the Holidaze

And by HERE, I mean New York.

It's gotten super cold here. Even more cold than the cold weather all you people back in the Bay are complaining about. This morning when I left for work, it was a brisk 25 degrees out. I'm hoping for some more snow soon.

Today is my last day of class. Just a video art class in which we're watching everyone's final videos. Mine wasn't terribly amazing. I did a tribute to William Butler Yeats, masterpiece theatre style, with interjected cartoon sound effects and onomatopoeia text. It was silly, but that's the kind of weird humor my video art teacher seems to go for...

I live in a heavily Jewish dorm. We have NYU's only Kosher cafeteria and we host Shabbat dinners every Friday. Currently we have a fire hazard of a Hanukkah set-up placed in the front doorway where it's very susceptible to setting someone's winter coat on fire. For a dorm that doesn't allow toasters or electric kettles, this seems pretty risky.

Next Friday will be Christmas, a holiday I generally enjoy due to the family-time aspect. (We don't do gifts). So this year, to replace family time, I'm working on setting up an itinerary to keep me occupied for the holiday. On Christmas Eve, my friend Gus, a freshman at Columbia, and I will volunteer at a soup kitchen in the morning, go to Scores for a little afternoon entertainment, and see Heath Ledger's final film,
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, in the evening.

I'm still working out my plans for Christmas. Planning takes time. And don't even ask about New Year's Eve...

On Sunday on the train home from work, a man asked me if I shaved my knuckles, saying they were "extraordinary."
Who lets these people out of the basement?

Cheers for now. I'll be reporting back again soon, now that I have all this extra time on my hands.

Oh, and a closing note:
Everyone's good neighborhood friend, Marc Dantona (Pete's person), will be visiting NYC this weekend. I'm ready.

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