Wednesday, February 3, 2010

N.I.N.Y. -- Michael and Mark in NY!

Fayes' own Mike McConnell (look Mike, I can spell your name) and Mark Poulin came to New York this past week because Mark makes great jewelry and participates twice a year in the New York International Gift Fair. Well, it was lovely to see these two out here. I always get excited to see SF people out in NY, in a new setting.
We had dinner, just the three of us, last Friday at Elephant & Castle. Then I stopped by to visit them at the Javits Center on Sunday, after I got let off work early because of a burst dirty water main above the kitchen. Finally, I met up with these two and their friend, Carl, last night, to go to dinner at the Empire Diner. At dinner, we talked a lot about poop, pooping in plastic bags, pooping in your overalls and shaking it out your pants leg, etc. In other words, we were all about the appropriate public dinner talk.

I'll miss all this fecal discussion. Currently, Mike and Mark are headed back on a plane to SF. But I had an excellent time with them while they were here. Good visit, M&M! Also, don't forget to look into adopting Pinky.

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