Sunday, March 7, 2010


So today we are conduction experiments at Fayes Video & Espresso Bar.
Today's test is to find out whether or not cup volume has a significant effect on the thermodynamics of liquid contained within said cup.

This test came about when a customer stated that they drink the Huge cup of coffee (20oz.) so that the coffee will stay warm.
They only drink 12oz. of the coffee, but the extra liquid keeps that 12oz. warmer longer.

To test this hypothesis we have filled two cups with water, both at 200°F. One Huge (20oz.) and one Tiny (8oz.). Both cups were given lids and put in a area free from drafts.

Both cups were drained of 0.5oz. every 2 minutes for 10 minutes then the drainage increased to 1oz. every 90 seconds for 5 minutes to simulate a human sipping rate.

This left about 2oz. in the Tiny and about 14oz. in the Huge.

The temperature of remaining liquid in the Tiny at the end of the 15 minutes was significantly lower than the temperature remaining in the Huge cup.

Unfortunately, there was no thermometer to check the end results. So further studies will be needed to determine exact temperatures in each cup.
(the 200°F of the coffee is controlled by an internal thermometer of the machine)

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