Friday, May 13, 2011


1) Sell time: ie: customer complains about not having enough time to watch all the movies they would like to. "hey, why don't we sell you 2 1/2 hours." Don't waste it going to the park or calling grandma, WATCH THE MOVIE. And no, you can't use it to unlawfully make money or procrastinate on your physics homework, jeeze, what a stupid idea, moving on...

2) Affogato: Go to Bi Rite Creamery, come in and we'll drop a shot of espresso in it, we may even sing: "drop it like a shot, drop it like a shot"  [FYI: Affogato means: "drowned" in Italian,]

3) Get a neon sign I see that Delphina has a bright blue pizzaria neon sign that lights up the whole neighborhood with cheer, like chunuka, seriously, it's mocking us right now, there are people that wait forever, it's got to be that sign. Our pizzaria would be red, and bigger and more cursive-like. It's gonna be so radical.

4) Lightning Bolt : I'm all for respecting my fellow employees taste in music, it's usually quite good, but blasting this band at full volume, constantly will bring customers to respect us more, cause this band is bad-ass, can I say bad ass on Bogger? [my taste in music changes constantly, it will be something totally different in a few hours]

I'm gonna stop while I'm ahead, because the rest of my ideas involve some really outside the box thinking a whole lot of imagination, I've been listening to Lightning Bolt for about a straight 2 hours now.  Whoooooaaaaa YEAH!!!! FAYES!!!!!!! YEA!


  1. What? No mention of my idea of pumps and tubing hidden in the trim of the walls so one could create the illusion of the walls dripping blood? Seriously...

  2. Lightning bolt should do an in store. And why don't you turn that back room into a sex club? Like the power exchange, except call it Fayes sex club.