Saturday, August 20, 2011


Kevin Bacon + fixies + awesome '80s soundtrack = this week's SBIG (So Bad It's Good) Pick!

This gem from 1986 is set in SF (though shot in LA as well, strangely) and stars Bacon as a failed Wall Street (?) trader who gets a job working for a bike messenger company (styled after the taxi dispatch company in the TV show Taxi?). 

In 2008, Kevin Bacon called the film "the absolute lowest point of my career." Don't be so hard on yourself, Kevin! It's totally thrilling to watch him speed around SF and Downtown Los Angeles, bombing the hill below Coit Tower with Lawrence Fishbourne, and talking with his inexplicably New York-accented bike messenger friends. And don't miss the very special bicycle dance sequence above.

Also starring Jami Gertz as the streetsmart tomboy bike messenger who Bacon rescues from a gangbanger and seduces. You may recognize her as Keifer Sutherland's girlfriend in The Lost Boys. 

Roger Daltrey's theme song "Quicksilver Lightning" is icing on the cake. Watch it today!

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