Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Things weren't always so easy for the home movie watcher. if you wanted to watch a movie at home you would have to wait till it's dark,get out a projector,set up a screen,and make sure you have everything focused and ready for the main event.
I love this whole part the setup the anticipation from the people looking on. oh but my favorite part is the box art.
the promise of watching these movies in the comfort of your own living room just like being at a theater is so amazing. so why are my friends always disappointed when I screen a copy of star wars in my living room ? well it's funny. It's black and white and it's silent and it's over in twelve minutes. you kind of get a highlight of the best bits. Some times you wonder what the hell they were thinking when cutting up a certain title, other times you get a taste of something great and want more. No mater what I'll still keep hunting these down and finding the hidden gems they hold to me it's worth the extra work.

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