Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fayes we got deals.

Did you know that every day at Fayes we have different deals going on.

MONDAY: $2 Dollar Day every things just $2
TUESDAY: Documentary day . Just $2 bucks
WEDNESDAY: 2-FOR-1 day rent one and get a non-new release to watch for free
THURSDAY: Classic Films all just $2 clams
FRIDAY: Family films all just $2 doll hairs.

What if I want to pay $2 for a documentary and it's Friday? We get this question all the time. With the 'PLAN' you give us $60 and we give you 30 credits which makes all your movies just $2 any time. So now all you have to do is stop in and let us help you find that film that's about to be your new favorite and if you stop by on the right day it just may only cost you $2.

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