Friday, January 31, 2014

Her: I don't Speak For Everyone Here

Maybe I expected too much, but Her seemed to me as just another woman hating student film.  Albeit, a very cute, stylish and sometimes visually impressive student film feel.  Mr. Phoenix is a compelling actor and delivers a strong role, but the nature of Her is that every woman in the film is lacking or is responsible for Theodore's (Phoenix's character) lack.  Halfway through the film I began to imagine that Scarlet J was actually on screen (the voice of Samantha the AI) and that all the dazzling design elements of Jone's future were absent.  This made the film soooo boring.  So I stopped and tried to enjoy it more.  Also, I guess something to look forward to, there are no poor people in Los Angeles in the future.  That'll be nice.  Jones seems to be real good at working with his actors, of course he has a slick eye and a knack for dramatic framing.  What he lacks as a director is a compelling script that allows for a universe where women are valuable members of the cast and bummer dudes are not more heartwarming than a Wes Anderson soundtrack.

Posted by Patrick (not Justin) FYI

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