Thursday, February 12, 2009


Many of you know Molly and her frothy cappuccinos, high energy dance moves, and her quirky sense of humor. What you may not know is that she is a weight lifter, an art maker, a manager at Fayes, and headed down to Australia for a study abroad program.

Over the past years, Molly has proven to be an asset to Fayes and she will be missed tremendously. Before she takes of with a creamy Fosters in hand I asked her a few questions:

In High School what activities and groups did you participate in?

I decided to join the snowboard club at my high school to get closer to a boy I had a crush on. I sold Sees candy to fund our trip. But when I got there, I really hated how uncomfortable the boots felt, so I didn't snowboard and just kinda hung around. The boy later told me he wanted to hang out with me, but he didn't because my friend I was hanging out with annoyed him. That pretty much sums up my involvement in high school clubs.

How do you think growing up in a major city effected you?

I have always dreamt of growing up in a small town, living a life I didn't have here in the city. I dreamt I would go to a huge high school with a football team, and I would sneak out my window to hangout with boys like on "Dawson's Creek", and I would have a front lawn. Actually, having this dream almost cost me my life. I tried jumping out of my second story bedroom window onto a ledge, that was in fact a lot farther away then it appeared, to practice sneaking out to meet my friends. I lost my footing when I landed and almost broke my neck. Does that answer the question well?

You are an only child. If you could have had siblings would you? Would you have preferred a brother or sister and why?

I consider my step brother my sibling! I love Travis and have had so much fun with him over the years. I want to have two kids so that they can learn to share better then I did my first few years without a brother.

What movie best represents your high school experience?

AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh ... that's like asking me what movie I recommend.

If Fayes named a drink after you, what would it be? What is your favorite coffee drink?

The special Fayes drink I came up with is half iced coffee concentrate and half soy. It is so good!!!!!! I would charge $3.50 for it and call it "camping brew" because I first had it on our camping trip.

You have been with us for a few years now, it will be a big change for Fayes not having you around. Do you think you've changed since working here? And what is your favorite Fayes story?

I've definitely been opened up to a whole different style of music that I wouldn't normally listen to, you know cuz I only listened to 106.1 and 94.9 prior to working here. Also I have made a bunch of friends from working at Fayes that I wouldn't have if I didn't work here. I can't remember my favorite story, there's been so many. I guess good times like dancing behind the counter with Mike and the infamous Tow parties with Nina are always good.

When lifting weights do you listen to music? If so, what? Also what is the hardest thing about weightlifting?

We are not allowed to listen to music while we lift, it is distracting and it's already really loud when a couple of people are lifting (dropping weights, grunting, yelping and such). The hardest part about lifting is when you take some time off and get out of shape and go back to train again and you realize you're not a super hero anymore.

How many scones can you fit in your mouth?

I don't know anything about scones, but if you punch a cheese danish (cheese cloud)  or an almond croissant a couple of times, you can fit those babies in your mouth all at once.

What do you plan on doing in Australia? Do you hope to see a kangaroo?

I plan to see a lot of pretty places, learn to make art on a computer, volunteer with animals, have some sort of design job, make friends and connections with people all over the world, and not get skin cancer. I will see a kangaroo, you can bet your bottom dollar on that.

If Fayes caught on fire and you could only take one thing, what would it be?

It would be Nina's hair because it's really big and poofy and looks like it would catch on fire easily.

Thanks Molly... have a good time down under... watch out for the dingos.

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