Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm Lost

So, I'm totally addicted to Lost now. It all started when I went to a season premier viewing party. We made Mai Tais and a whole Hawaiian meal, complete with Ahi Avocado salsa and soy chips. My old roommates watch the show religiously and since I had the den as a bed room on Wednesday nights I could either watch with them or leave. I would leave because it seemed so predictable to me. "It's just a sociological experiment," I'd always complain, "there's no mystery!"
Fuck was I ever wrong. Polar Bears and smoke monsters?! And what's with that four toed statue?!
I'm enrolled in CCSF online classes and I'm all out of forbearance with my student loans, but every day when I sit down to study I end up getting a bag of chips and zoning out through three or four episodes.
This is ruining my life. I don't call my friends anymore, I'm staying up past midnight, my girlfriend doesn't care about the magnetic force or anyone from flight 815, it's destroying everything that is good in my life. And I don't care.
But here's the thing, it's going to end. I know it's hard to think about, but the show will end. They've all ready said it will only go to S.6. So what do I do when thats over? If I alienate myself from everything thats positive, what is left for me come the series finale?
Any Lost fans out there? We've got to seriously think about this!

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