Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year Newness...

 So January 1st has come and gone already and I still haven't decided on what I will aim to resolve this year. Last year a friend and I discussed the idea of "twenty tenning it", but from as far as I can tell that didn't work out so well. I have a feeling that this may be a better year, well at least I am being optimistic. And why not? There are plenty of things to look forward to... a trip to NYC in January, a big art show in March and Flash Back at Fayes in February (special prices on older films...more to come). You'll probably notice other new things at the store as well...

And if you are looking for something to look forward to in the immediate (like today) future, check out the show tonight at the Adobe Backroom Gallery . Our own Katie Morgan is involved with that space and I am sure she looks just as good there as she does behind the Fayes counter.

oh... and please take "give up coffee" off you resolution list.

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