Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What can you get for 2 bucks?

So every day we have a customer who pays for her coffee with a two dollar bill. She actually pays for everything with $2 bills. She gets her large coffee and has left over for tip... perfect!
Now a days its hard to get anything for two bucks or under, but here at Fayes there is plenty...
We offer 4 sizes of drip coffee for 2 dollars or less. You can get a morning pastry or afternoon cookie for $2 or less. And on mondays ALL movies are TWO DOLLARS!

We didn't want Monday having all the fun so during the month of FEBRUARY all non new release films will be just $2 EVERYDAY. So why not watch that old french film people are always telling you to watch. Or burn through the entire 5 seasons of "The Wire"?  Save the New Release for Mondays and dive into those old golden gems the rest of the week...
Starts February 1!!!! 

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