Sunday, July 3, 2011

One Time - With Molly

One time I tried to get my husband to watch my most favoritest movie of all time "Battle Royale"  but he wasn't having it! That movie is so awesome.  You see the plot is that in Japan the children stopped respecting adults and were acting all kinds of out of line, SO the grown ups created this program called "Battle Royale". Every year a class of teenage school children are picked and they are shipped to an island, they are all given a weapon and they have 3 days to kill each other, only 1 student can be alive at the end of the 3 days or else the collars around their necks will all explode!!! It is the most amazing movie ever. And you wanna know what else? In the movie, the girl who likes to run and wears a yellow running suit, she is O'ren ishii's personal body guard in Kill Bill,  you know the school girl with the ball and chain. Isn't that cool?


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