Monday, June 27, 2011

J.J. Abrams' new film "Super 8" may be the perfect film nerd's film

A still from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," 1977
 "George Lucas may be the godfather of the obsessive-compulsive, encyclopedic approach to movie consumption, but the current object of obsession is his friend and colleague Steven Spielberg. Just ask J. J. Abrams — or go see his 'Super 8.'"

Great article in the New York Times discusses the multiple late-70s and 80s film references in "Super 8," in theaters now. In particular, A.O. Scott points to "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," "E.T." (both directed by Spielberg) and "The Goonies" (directed by Richard Donner from Spielberg's story). "Super 8" capitalizes on fans' knowledge of these films.

"At the critic and filmmaker Matt Zoller Seitz has enumerated, extensively though probably not exhaustively, the movie’s Spielbergian motifs. These include large themes (“daddy issues”), visual patterns (“flashlights or searchlights as harbingers of impending doom”) and camera techniques (“God’s-eye point-of-view shots”). It is, of course, perfectly possible to enjoy “Super 8” without hunting down these echoes, and also possible to be distracted and annoyed by them. But whatever you make of them, it is clear that all those reminders of 1970s and ’80s vintage Spielbergiana — of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” “ET: The Extra-Terrestrial” and “The Goonies” (directed by Richard Donner from a story by Mr. Spielberg) — are part of the design, and intended to be part of the fun, of Mr. Abrams’s film. "

We have a great selection of Spielberg films here at Fayes so come in and bone up on your Spielbergania before you go see "Super 8" in theaters! 

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