Monday, October 8, 2012

new releases NOV 9th

The Raven John Crusack is all like: "I'm a raven KAAAA KAAAA!!! KAAA KAAAA!!!! I like Poe, KAAA kAAA!"

Rock of Ages Tom Cruise is all like: "If I act crazy people won't believe I'm crazy anymore and then Kate will come back and massage my back again and our kids will think I'm cool one day 'cause I got real tattoos for this movie!"

A cat in Paris Like Pepe Le Pew, but longer, that's not true, maybe it is, I don't know

Prometheus SPOILER ALERT! Prometheus was like, " Fire is cool, why should only the Gods have that, dude, I'd be so cool if I stole that and chicks would dig me!!" and he did, and they did, and then whinny Zeus was all like: "DUDE PROMETHEUS!!! I told you that was ours, you're not allowed to have that, dude, I'm gonna tie you to a rock and have my eagle peck out your liver everyday and kill you and then you'll come back to life and he'll do it again and again!" and he did and the eagle did. And Prometheus was like, "DUDE, this sucks!" Meanwhile Hercules was waiting for Prometheus at a bar, and he didn't show up for like 4 days and Hercules got really drunk and then walked around looking for him and saw him chained to a rock and was like: "DUDE, I was waiting for you, where were you? You know I hate waiting in bars alone, you're my wing man!...AHHHH!!! GROSS!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR LIVER?!?!?!" and he untied Prometheus and Prometheus was all like: "PFFFF, Your dad's a jerk! I don't think I can drink anymore, I've gone through like 5 livers!!"
Gerhard Richter Paintings Don't have Gerhard Richter wash your windows, he'll do a horrible job. 

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