Saturday, August 3, 2013

Possible Possibilities Vol 5

Fayes comes out with a brand of perfume called Fayoiuxette unpronounceable with a strong middle base of exotic cocoa leaf and musk.

Fayes writes a best-selling tell all about the neighborhood's gossip entitled: Espresso, Videos, Lies .you think your conversations on the bench were safe, you're wrong. We've been collecting gossip NSA style since 2001. You'd never guess who's been cheating on whom, and what so-and-so has been saying behind your back. Hardback copies are $500. $475 if you're a member. Libel, yes. Juicy, you bet. Fictitious, probably, that's in the definition of libel,  I looked it up, slander is when it's spoken.

Fayes does not have a public bathroom, and we get asked often. But our calloused hearts with soften if you have a child, especially a cute one that can do the pee pee dance really well.  But, for $12.00*you can rent a child for a minimum of 30 minutes to use the bathroom. All children are trained to do the pee pee dance and look as pitiful as possible for maximum bathroom admittance but after you and allowed access to the bathroom they are trained to ask questions you can't answer and request for ice cream flavors that don't exist. *$40 deposit on the child. If you have the child for more than 30 minutes you'll be charged an additional $12.00 if the child is returned in a state that does not resemble the state in which the child was rented, you will loose you deposit. Children are not to leave the store and not to be trusted with personal belongings.

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