Monday, July 29, 2013

Possible possibilities Vol 4.

There are so many colors and so many emotions that are not named.  Language is at a loss and what better way to communicate than to transpose colors on specific unnamed emotions.

Every one sees colors in a different way, if you asked 50 people to find Coca Cola red, you'd get 50 different types of red. Just as you ask 50 people how they feel on a cold grey day, you'd get 50 different answers. This possible possibilities is dedicated to naming a few of the specific emotions though colors.

This is the color of being somewhat offended when a friend, who's not really a friend anymore corrects your grammar more than once during a dinner party you didn't really want to go to in the first place.

 We associate this hue, value, tint shade and saturation with the emotion of eating too much watermelon

This is a very specific color, and it has a very specific emotion: You've just stared at a dog for a very long time and the dog gets a kind of weird feeling about you and you can't explain that you weren't trying to intimidate it, you were just noticing it's very nice coat and imagining what it might be like to be a dog, would you really drink out of a bowl that another dog just drank out of, that would be weird.

This color represents the emotion of: "I just had an idea, goddammit; I forgot it, what was I doing when I thought of that idea? Did it have to do with my day, or was it an idea about the future, it's wasn't a memory. Goddammit!"

This color represents: "It was a memory, but I still can't place the thought. Oh wait, it was that time I put a zip-tie around my finger and couldn't get it off for 35 minutes."

This color is how one feels after spending 35 minutes stretching and prying a zip-tie off of one's index finger.

This is the color for: "I tried to do a pull-up and only got a little bit up and then paced around and wondered if it were a life or death situation, would I be able to do a real pull-up. I think the adrenaline would allow me to, but what if I was practicing pull-ups to prepare for the life or death situation and my arms were really really tired and then I couldn't.  I should not attempt to do another pull up for fear that I may need to save my strength. same with running, and sit-ups.

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