Thursday, July 25, 2013

Possible Possibilities Vol. 3

7) What if I appropriated the plot from Freaky Friday and wrote a story about Mike and Matthew switching minds. it's possible.

8) What if we placed a bell on the door do it let us know when customers came in and out of the shop, but unbeknownst to the other employees I sneaked* into their bedrooms a week before and hypnotized them so that when they heard the bell:  
 Alfonso thought he was W.C. Fields
Colby awoke feeling like he had just consumed the largest meal of his life
Sophie thought she was communicating by tap dancing
Justin emerged from a sleepy daze and acted like a kitty
Molly comfortably reached for items that were 3 inches too far to her left
Mike thought he was Jennifer Proctor
Matthew became infatuated with the length of customer's eyelashes

*The past tense of sneak is sneaked, according to the AP style guide. Snuck is becoming more popular and may supplant "sneaked" but not officially....thus far.

Due to common usage, the dictionary now lists the rather vulgar snuck as an option, but sneaked is the original past tense form.

9) Now I am tired and I can not think of another possible possibility to I will leave you with this really stupid video of a cat playing the keyboard

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