Monday, July 1, 2013

possible possibilities vol 1.

possible possibilities Vol. 1

Not unlike TRANSFORMERS, but not close enough to resemble TRANSFORMERS,  Fayes, through some elaborate back story untold here, now has the ability to somehow morph into a robot video store with mounted bazookas and (enter other large artillery that I don't know the name of because I don't really care) and an angry face indicated by dvd boxes turned inward as eyebrows atop a smaller box indicating a face. Though it only stands 40 feet tall, short for a transformer, I've been told, it can fly by turbo boosted something-or-rathers and has wheels to maneuver through heavy traffic in gravity-and-death-defying stunts. We also has a vo-coder voice now. oh and we are evil, because there are only good and evil robots.

  Fayes adds to it's already diversified business plan of Videos and Espresso a Doggie Timeout Zone (patent pending.)  In co-operation with the dog walkers union of San Francisco local 46 and loving dog owners, Fayes invites dog walkers and owners to drop off the naughty dogs into the caring custody of Fayes employees trained and certified in scaring the shit (literally) out of dogs. We will work with (against) your dogs to make them well behaved as the loyal and obedient friends you've imagined.
Five weeks ago Carol was a punk; she ate trash, peed where she pleased and had a lack of concern for anything not pertaining to her self indulgent ways. After, our known to work tactics, including; scary masks wearing, poking in lieu of petting and water boarding, (a method in which we take the doggies surfing, but laugh at them telling them they are horrible surfers.) We've transformed Carol into a model doggie.


Fayes changes it's name to TAR-DEL-RITE (patent pending)- serving French pastries, coffee, Pizza, wine, and grocery store items at extremely cheap prices.  until we get caught dumpster diving in which case we go back to "Fayes". But within that 6 weeks, we raise enough of a profit to start a method acting class in the back taught by Cuba Gooding III and Rob Schneider's friend Annie who helped him go through his lines and knows "a thing or two about acting now" as well accent assistance by a guy that spent four months in London and a few weekends in Paris and Brussels. Tuition start at $643 a semester.

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