Thursday, September 1, 2011

VHS* SALE $2 all month long!

*If you are too young to know what VHS is, it's a black plastic thingy with tape in it. It's about an inch in height, 5 inches in length and 3 inches in width. you put it into a VHS player. You are going to want to look at the tape to make sure the tape inside it was re-wound so that you can watch the movie from the beginning. If the tape is all the way wound to the left, it's at the beginning. You may have to rewind it, using the reverse function on the Video Home System Cassette player. 
The tape inside the Video Home System Cassette is magnetized. and there are crystals in the Video Home System cassette player that read the information on the tape, if you break the crystals in the VHS Player it will leak out black sparkly goop; that is concentrated evil, if you touch it your evil twin will appear and try to kill you and take over your life, you have to find a mirror, and  show it itself, if you do not do this quickly your evil twin will also open a portal and let in all the evil twins in the evil world and you are going to feel really bad and have no friends.
So, Video Home System Cassette are really quite magical when you think about it. But don't think about it it too much. In fact, stop thinking about it, you're too young to bother with analog recordings. go listen to your IPOD and explain how that works.

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