Wednesday, October 5, 2011

You probably either love him or hate him.

So often we have conversations with customers about movies. That's right, while drinking our coffees we talk about movies. I am always surprised how often people will not be interested in seeing a movie because a certain actor/actress is in it. Have you seen "The Switch"*, nope you hate Jennifer Aniston. How about "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"? Nope, you hate Jim Carey (which I totally understand, but that movie is F'ing incredible).

While I had my morning coffee today, I was thinking about the tower swap that needed to happen and what I was going to put up. Another polarizing actor came to mind, and for myself I often either love or hate his movies. Honestly I don't know if it is that dependent on him, or that while growing up I was forced to go see fighter planes at the air show every year. (a possible reason I cringe when I see "Top Gun"). I was surprised to learn that he has only been in 37 movies, Which I guess is a lot, how many of them have you seen? How many have you loved? And Hated? Let's have coffee and talk about it...
and try to forget that this moment ever happened...

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